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Toktok Biography

Toktok is a project of the artists Nerk, Anton Waldt, C14 and Fabian Feyerabendt from the german techno capital Berlin. At the moment, Toktok has slimmed down to the artists Nerk aka Benjamin Weiss & Fabian Feyerabendt with some occasional joining of Stefan Kuechenmeister. It was founded in 1994, emerging out of the prosperous free party scene at that time where the Toktok members organized Parties together with the legendary Spiral Tribe Sound System. From the beginning on, Toktok focused on playing techno mostly live, plugging the whole studio (including a large amount of synthesizers, drumcomputers, effects and an enormous mixing console) in at the party location and going for a wild jam that would last up to 24 hours. Out of the large amount of Live Gigs throughout the years, Toktok developed their very own style that would break the boundaries of style definitions such as techno, electro, house or hardcore, illustrated by their 28 releases so far.
In the beginning of the new century Toktok met Soffy O and they teamed up to form Toktok vs. Soffy O. Their first track together “Missy Queen ´s Gonna Die” was a huge club hit and resulted in a deal with East West / Warner Music. After releasing their second big hit “Day Of Mine” and the album “Toktok vs Soffy O”, winning the German Dance Award and three years of intense touring all over Europe, Russia and Japan, the three decided to take a little break but continue to play together outside germany. In 2004 Toktok recorded the single “Bang Bang” together with Nena that came out on their imprint Toktokrecords and Warnermusic. Later that year they put out an acid ep on the legendary acid label DJ.Ungle Fever. 2005 saw Toktok with two new releases so far : the “Koerperteile EP” on Bomzh Records and the “Den Den Den Remixes” on their own label Toktok Records. In 2006 they released the 12″ “Yoyodyne EP” on V-Records and the 2 x 12″ “Pattern Drill on Bomzh. 2007 saw the release of the “Radiator Rabiator EP” on Toktok Records, the last release to date was the “Nosebleep EP” on Toktok Records in april 2008.