Soffy O

KRAUTOK 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010

2001 Soffy Larsson Ocklind, born in Sweden, moved to Berlin and immediately recorded “Missy Queen´s Gonna Die” in cooperation with Toktok. Everyone went crazy and so did Soffy. After the fog lifted a couple of years later Soffy O. kept rubbing against pop. 2006 Soffy had her debut as a solo artist with the album “The Beauty Of It”, a mélange of funk, disco, R´n´B, 70s soul, rock´n´roll and 60s girl group sounds. This year she founded the live project Hector, Manolo & Soffy O and just released her new album “Life´s A Soap” and has some new tracks with Toktok that are about to be released soon (and will be played at Krautok).

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