KRAUTOK 2007 !

Toktok is proud to be part of this years Krautok event, a 24-hour lasting live set taking place on the 6th of september in Berlin at the Tresor. From 12 pm of the 6th until 12 pm on the 7th of september all the machines and people will make noise & music 24 hours non-stop. Last year was nice, so this year is going to be even nicer!

Krautok is being presented by Toktok Records, V-Records, Harthorst and All You Can Beat. So far the following artists have confirmed, but there will be even more:

Alexander Kowalski, Anton Waldt, Autotune, Candie Hank, Captain, Dasha Rush, DMX Krew, E², Electric Indigo, Eric D Clark, Gina D Orio, Housemeister, Ikuo, Jammin Unit, Khan, Küchenmeister, Mark Boombastik, Nerk & Dirk Leyers, ODD, On/Off, Onze, PomPom, Red Audix, Robotnik, Secret Cinema, SUOP, Toktok vs Soffy O, Tom Klein and Zerothehero

For more info, check out or use the Krautok RSS Feed