Toktok is proud to be part of the upcoming Krautok event, a 24-hour lasting live set taking place at the 17th of august in Berlin at the Osthafen Club. From 12 am of the 17th until 12 am on the 18th of august all the machines and people will make noise & music non-stop. Expect a lot of cool music and collaborations you would never have dreamt of…

Krautok is being presented by Bomzh, Toktok Records and V-Records.


3Phase, Alexander Kowalski, Anton Waldt, Autotune, Beroshima, Candie Hank, Contemporary Household, Dasha Rush, Dirk Leyers, Eric D. Clark, Fabian Feyerabendt, Housemeister, Mainframe Wrekka, Nerk, ODD, On/Off, Robotnik, Snax, Soffy O, Stefan Kuechenmeister, Toktok

More info on the Krautok – Website, including updates on the line up etc.

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