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  • 21.08.2010: Krautok 2010!

    Yes, it´s that time of the year again: Krautok 2010, 24 hours of electronic music performed live is going to take place at Maria am Ufer and Jacki Terasse in Berlin on the 21 of august 2010. This is the line-up so far, more to be confirmed: 3Phase, Alexander Kowalski, Auddie, Autotune, Anton Waldt, Aschka, […]

  • OUT NOW: Bullet In The Head The Remixes (TTR015)

    These are the remixes to Toktoks album Bullet In The Head. Just like the original, they cover a wide range of musical styles from house to techno to dark downbeats, slamjack, dubstep and polka. Contributors are Smash TV, ODD, Alexander Kowalski, Ikuo, Dasha Rush, Shin Nishimura, Dirk Leyers, Haito, MOA, Electric Indigo, Kagami, Khan, Eric […]

  • OUT NOW: Bullet In The Head CD album & digital edition

    Available now on CD via Intergroove and in these download-shops: Beatport, iTunes, Amazon. Click here to listen to the tracks! Bullet In The Head is the 4th album so far from Toktok and the 27th release of the Berlin Techno Duo. The tracks are as many as they are diverse in style: 18 pieces from […]

  • OUT NOW: Bullet in the Head Vol.2 vinyl & digital edition

    Bullet in the Head Vol.2 is the second volume for the vinyl edition of Toktoks upcoming album “Bullet In the Head”. The two-tracker combines the title track Bullet In The Head (a synth-ladden anthem) and Jaycube which is a slightly tracky House-tune. Enjoy and be sure to check out the upcoming album…! Available now on […]